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FLOWSPARK MEDIA, LLC. is a video-driven media company specializing in science-infused content. Our mission is to create immersive multimedia experiences that entertain, inform, and inspire. Our work centers on three key areas: 

  • Creative – Working with clients to create engaging video content that drives audience growth and engagement.  
  • Digital – Developing self-sustaining science-themed digital series and brands.
  • Productions – Producing select long-form projects for streaming & broadcast.

Company Values

Speak the Truth 
We are committed to speaking the truth, even when it is uncomfortable or comes at personal expense. 

Never Be Boring
We put the audience first and seek to create content that is original, unpredictable, and never boring.   
Quality Comes First
We take pride in our work and keep quality in mind as we consider time, scope and budget. 
Create Positive Impact
We intentionally seek out projects and partners that have a positive net benefit for society and the planet. 


FLOWSPARK MEDIA is operated by founder and owner Eric R Olson with a rotating team of talented collaborators. Previous to founding FLOWSPARK, Eric worked as a digital producer for the highly-rated PBS television show NATURE. There he grew the show’s YouTube channel from around 5,000 to nearly 200,000 subscribers and Facebook followers from 250,000 to over three quarters of a million.

Other roles have included Scientific American‘s first full-time video producer where he saw equally impressive results and audio-video editor for the premier science journal Nature (which may make him the only person to have worked for both “Nature” brands.)

Eric is also an alumnus of New York University’s graduate-level science journalism program and holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Washington. Previous to his career in media, Eric worked on the front lines of human genetics, investigating the genes that predispose women to breast cancer. 

When he’s not busy making movie magic he enjoys practicing martial arts, playing music, biking, cooking, and geeking out over evolution’s strangest creations. 

He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and kids.