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Breaking It Apart: Ideas for Getting Many Pieces of Content From One Video

Once you’ve created an awesome piece of video content it’s time to employ a repurposing strategy to break it down into pieces for distribution and promotion. Here a few ideas for wringing the most value out of your hard work.


Short-form “vertical” video is very hot right now. Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are clamoring for this type of content and will actively promote it. Note that a video created in the standard widescreen format needs to be re-edited to fit the vertical format. It’s wise to consider this if you want to use your video in both formats.

Pull Quotes

If your video features an interview, you could pull quotes from the interview and turn them into graphics to share on social media. Consider grabbing a still image from the video to use as a background.

‘Article-ize’ the Video

A really simple way to get more content out of your video is to create an accompanying text version and then embed the video somewhere on the page. This helps you with your website’s SEO and gives people another option for consuming the content if they want to quickly scan an article rather than watch a video.

Audio Lift

If you have an existing series of longer “talking head” videos, lectures, or webinars could you turn them into an audio podcast? People often like listening to longer informational pieces in an audio-only format because they can do something else simultaneously.


If you have a business that has a B2B and a B2C component you might consider creating different versions for each audience. The B2B version would have more detailed technical information and the consumer-facing version would be lighter on these details. You might consider yet another version for investors or funders.

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